you’ll never stress again

over emails. trials. rescheduling. cancellations. enquiries.


Personalised vs Dubsado

  • If you have 50-80 weddings per year and consider yourself a bit of a technoob, my customised booking process will have you feeling like the Queen of Admin in no time.
  • If you have more weddings than you can handle, you secretly cringe when another enquiry comes in and you can work your way around a laptop enough to get what you need done - Dubsado might just be the thing to save you.


    My personalised booking process is perfect if you want to have full control over your invoices, calendar and emails. You also want to reduce your admin time, appear more professional with a consistent, beautiful booking journey that increases the amount of clicks you get on your website.


    I will build your personalised booking process into your website, to increase traffic and wow your Bride with a consistent enquiry experience.
    + full review of current business process
    + Professional email templates ready to select for every step of your Bride's booking
    + bridal welcome + pricing detail
    + acceptance of terms & conditions
    + image uploads to ensure she's the right Bride for you
    + online payment or bank transfer + online trial bookings
    + professional & auto-select invoice system


    Dubsado is one of the best automated booking systems & CRMs for creatives. I won't sugar coat it though - learning a new system isn't always easy. But with my help, you will see 90% of your process automated.

    For most creatives, the only manual step is deciding whether to accept the booking or not. The rest is done for you - including signing terms, invoice creation, online payment, payment reminders, re-confirmation of booking, follow ups & requests for review. IMAGINE THAT.


    + Full review of current business process
    + Personalisation of email templates
    + Creation of bridal proposal, terms and pre-wedding information*
    + Setup & connection to trial bookings
    + Invoice setup within Dubsado
    + Setup & connection to payment portal**
    + Personalised PDF step by step guide
    + Pre-recorded video tutorial how to use your new system or 1hr Zoom call. (In-person training available at additional cost.)

    *Additional workflows at additional cost
    **Payment portal either square or stripe. Both take transaction fees.


    Shooting off an email in 5 seconds flat, to wake up to a booking fee paid. That’s the power of the right booking process.

    All of your Brides wedding deets & inspo photos all in one neat folder. That’s the power of the right booking process.

    Your Brides gush about how simple & beautiful it was to book with you. They tell all their soon-to-be-bride friends. That's the power of the right booking process.

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    Know you need help but not sure with what exactly?

    An hour consultation with me will give you the confidence & step by step guide to make your business look good online & reduce admin anxiety.

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