In the wedding beauty industry, it’s important to have clear expectations for what your services will entail. This can be done through a contract which spells out all the terms and conditions so everyone is aware of the fine print. Especially when it comes to cancellations & refunds of booking fees.

So what should you include?

1 – Payments

Be clear on your expectations for payment and in the case of non-payment, what this will look like.

2 – Cancellations

Make sure this section is crystal clear for your bride and be sure it covers what happens in the case of ‘unforseen events’ i.e. break-ups, lockdowns, weather events.

3 – Signature or Check Box

I recommend adding a check box to the terms on your website or adding a signature in Dubsado. This way you know for sure that she has read & agreed to your terms.

I cannot recommend enough getting your terms looked over by a legal representative. Davina at @mum_lawyer has fixed price legal terms specifically for H&MU artists.


Many of my HMUA clients struggle when it comes to pricing their services. I get it, it’s hard. But instead of offering lots of options and add-ons, I challenge you to think about standardising your prices. Imagine not having to customise every enquiry based on length of hair, lashes or not, glam waves or not….And what if you offered set prices for travel to popular wedding locations? Wouldn’t that make your Bride’s enquiry simpler and your invoicing easier?

These changes will slash your admin time but also help you appear more transparent and build integrity with your client.

So how exactly do you standardise your prices? Scroll through above to see the first steps to take ☝️

If you are planning on starting 2022 strong with Dubsado, I recommend taking some time to look at your pricing. #dubsadoyouradmin

Need help standardising your packages? Checkout my package calculator HERE.


My lovely hair & makeup professionals; it’s (nearly!) 2022 and it’s time to start using systems that work for you.


Finishing up with a Bride and before you’ve driven home, you glance down at your phone… You’re next booking has been:

✅ Scheduled
✅ Set up
✅ Deposit paid

The dream right…

Let’s make this a reality with Dubsado. It’s like having a personal assistant managing your calendar (without the overheads & BS).

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks with the #dubsadoyouradmin to help level up your business like a boss in 2022.

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How does your client’s journey stack up against your flawless work? Is it as polished, professional, branded and beautiful as you’d like it to be?

The right booking process transforms your client interactions. Trust me.
Every email that is automatically sent is pre-written, thoroughly proofread and includes all the important details (bye-bye back & forth replies 👋).

Sound like a dream come true? Then it’s time to sit down and map out what emails you are currently sending. Identifying every step in the email journey will have your brides gushing over how flawless and downright easy it has been to work with you.

Here’s how to get started:

Map out your emails

Grab a pen and paper and write down each email you send to your bride. Are there double ups? Are you missing an email? Can you cut it down? Take note of what’s working and which emails result in a lot of back & forth – write it all down! You’ll be able spot potential improvements.

Build your brand

They say a bride needs at least seven touch points before she is committed. Once you have your journey mapped out take a look at how you can add opportunities for engagement. Can you create a Pre-Trial booklet or website page? Recommend your favourite vendors to assist her planning? Putting this effort into a website page or PDF builds your brand, places you as the expert and gains her trust; which is so important in this process!

Save time

Once your emails are automated, you will save so much precious time that would have otherwise been used on nurturing each bride individually. Not only does this process make your life easier. it will allow you to scale your business as automation eliminates human error and increases efficiency.

With the new year around the corner, now’s the time to get started! Although, if you would like me to help you, I do offer this service 😉

Are you going to map out your emails? Let’s chat in the comments 👇

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There’s a common scenario that sees many women in business giving away their time and value for free – or even giving up on their business entirely.

It begins with a genuine desire to help and serve your clients.

You love your work and you want to do right by the people you serve, even when it means staying up late, taking on too much or accepting unrealistic deadlines.

Then top it off with a tendency to undervalue yourself and your work.

As women, when something comes naturally to us, it’s easy to assume it just can’t be worth much – because you know, anything of value should be hard!

And it feels awkward and uncomfortable to say we’re worth “X”. So many women feel they need to compensate for their own perceived lack of value with lower pricing.

You know how this goes right?

– Saying yes when you really mean no.

– Staying up till midnight checking emails after the kids are asleep.

– Quoting based on what you think your clients can afford, rather than the value of the work.

It’s a triple shot cocktail that leaves us over-delivering, over-working and undercharging.

Sound familiar? Here’s how to break the cycle

1️⃣ Understand where your time goes
2️⃣ Create boundaries and stick to them
3️⃣ Own your value

Starting to understand and truly believe in the value you provide to your clients is a massive step towards charging what you’re worth and no longer over delivering.

If you follow the steps above, you’ll be well on your way to creating a sustainable business, with more time to enjoy life after work.

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Because it is how you scale your biz. Yep, that’s it. And if you want to take on 2022 like a Boss with Dubsado, you’re going to need a digital calendar. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you manage the change. Whether you specialise in hair, makeup, nails, spa services, or extensions; a well set up online workspace is a must.

Here’s why you need Google Workspace for your calendar:

Before I dive into it all, you’re probably wondering ‘What the heck even is Google Workspace?’

It is your digital calendar, professional email, storage and in-your-pocket assistant so you can streamline your services, build credibility, work more effectively with your clients and make your life a lot easier!

Ok…but I hear you say ‘I already have a free gmail account’. Well, it’s like any software, you get a freebie. But, when you are ready to upgrade you get all of my favourite features:

Gmail: Create professional business email accounts to build credibility and show your worth. No more makeupbykara@gmail.com

Google Drive: Store all your client images and files in one cloud-hosted hub – and make space on your phone. You can also easily share images with assistants, so everyone is on the same page.

Google Calendar: Easily block out your day, invite your team to jobs and schedule trial appointments without the back and forth.

It”s an affordable upgrade. Prices start from $9 per month and it’s accessible anytime, anywhere! (and no this isn’t a paid ad, promise). Although, if you would like me to set you up, I do offer this service 😉

Are you going to start using Google Workspace? Tell me in the comments below 👇

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