How does your client’s journey stack up against your flawless work? Is it as polished, professional, branded and beautiful as you’d like it to be?

The right booking process transforms your client interactions. Trust me.
Every email that is automatically sent is pre-written, thoroughly proofread and includes all the important details (bye-bye back & forth replies 👋).

Sound like a dream come true? Then it’s time to sit down and map out what emails you are currently sending. Identifying every step in the email journey will have your brides gushing over how flawless and downright easy it has been to work with you.

Here’s how to get started:

Map out your emails

Grab a pen and paper and write down each email you send to your bride. Are there double ups? Are you missing an email? Can you cut it down? Take note of what’s working and which emails result in a lot of back & forth – write it all down! You’ll be able spot potential improvements.

Build your brand

They say a bride needs at least seven touch points before she is committed. Once you have your journey mapped out take a look at how you can add opportunities for engagement. Can you create a Pre-Trial booklet or website page? Recommend your favourite vendors to assist her planning? Putting this effort into a website page or PDF builds your brand, places you as the expert and gains her trust; which is so important in this process!

Save time

Once your emails are automated, you will save so much precious time that would have otherwise been used on nurturing each bride individually. Not only does this process make your life easier. it will allow you to scale your business as automation eliminates human error and increases efficiency.

With the new year around the corner, now’s the time to get started! Although, if you would like me to help you, I do offer this service 😉

Are you going to map out your emails? Let’s chat in the comments 👇

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