Many of my HMUA clients struggle when it comes to pricing their services. I get it, it’s hard. But instead of offering lots of options and add-ons, I challenge you to think about standardising your prices. Imagine not having to customise every enquiry based on length of hair, lashes or not, glam waves or not….And what if you offered set prices for travel to popular wedding locations? Wouldn’t that make your Bride’s enquiry simpler and your invoicing easier?

These changes will slash your admin time but also help you appear more transparent and build integrity with your client.

So how exactly do you standardise your prices? Scroll through above to see the first steps to take ☝️

If you are planning on starting 2022 strong with Dubsado, I recommend taking some time to look at your pricing. #dubsadoyouradmin

Need help standardising your packages? Checkout my package calculator HERE.